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Why transport your vehicle with Innovative Ways Logistics

Innovative Ways Logistics was founded with you in mind, by enthusiasts who had a vision for the industry. We had worked in the auto transportation industry for years and knew the ins and outs like the back of our hands. But we also knew that something was missing - the level of service that we visualized was possible, but it just wasn't being delivered.

We decided to Innovate the Industry.

We put our heads together and came up with a business plan that would revolutionize the car shipping industry. We knew that in order to succeed in the car shipping industry, an innovative approach is needed. And so, we came up with three core principles that would guide new auto transport company's vision: honesty, transparency, and legendary service.


Innovative Ways Logistics team believed that honesty was the foundation of any successful business. So we made a commitment to always be transparent with our customers. We would provide clear and straightforward information from start to finish, ensuring that customers always knew exactly what was happening.

Our car shipping company also knew that charging customers before the pickup was a common industry practice, though that was unfair. We believed that customers should only pay once their car was on its way. So our new born vehicle shipping company made a bold move and decided not to charge the customers until the pickup was complete.

Finally, Innovative Ways Logistics was committed to providing a legendary service. We wanted our customers to feel like they were being treated like royalty. The company’s team knew that if they could provide exceptional service, the customers would become their biggest advocates.

And so, we set out to build Innovative Ways Logistics, an innovative car transportation company. We worked tirelessly, making countless sacrifices along the way. But we were determined to make our vision a reality. Today, Innovative Ways Logistics is a shining example of what can be achieved when you have a bold vision and the courage to follow through. This auto transport service provider have set a new standard in the car shipping industry, and we are proud to be making a difference every day.