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At Innovative Ways Logistics, we are committed to providing reliable, safe, and affordable car shipment services that exceed your expectations.

We understand that buying a car online can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer a comprehensive car shipment service to make the process of transporting your vehicle easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before. If you are an online car buyer, you can trust us to handle your vehicle with care anddeliver it to your doorstep, no matter where you are located. Our team of experienced drivers and logistics experts is dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle is transported safely and securely.

Contact us today to schedule your car shipment and experience the highest level of quality and reliability in the industry.

Buying a car from a auto auction?

While bidding on auto auction websites (such as Copart, IAAI, Ritchie Bros, Manheim, and even EBay), you can book your car shipment in advance to secure your new vehicle transportation ASAP. With Innovative Ways, you are welcome to do it in the most convenient way:
You won’t pay any deposits
No booking cancellation fees.

Feel free to book your shipment even before you win your bid in order to avoid auction storage fees. Once you confirm you won the bid, we will schedule your shipment.

Buying a car from a dealership?

Do you consider buying online a car from a dealer from another state? That’s common nowadays. If you are looking for a special car that few dealers may have in stock, or just want to save on taxes, you may end up buying your new car from the other end of the country. No worries, as shipping your car from any dealership to your doorstep is easy with Innovative Ways. You can ask for quotes from different dealerships at a time, to compare prices of all your alternatives, and then choose the one that fits you. No cancellation fees and no deposits are needed.

Here are four advantages of transporting your car instead of going and taking it yourself:


1. Affordability: Transporting your car can be significantly cheaper than driving it yourself, especially if you are transporting it over long distances. With our car shipment services, you can save money on fuel costs, accommodation expenses, and other expenses associated with driving long distances.


2. Save time: Transporting your car can save you a lot of time, especially if you have a busy schedule. Rather than taking time off work or sacrificing your personal time to drive your car to your desired location, you can trust our team of experienced drivers to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently.


3. Buy from anywhere you want: When you transport your car, you are no longer limited to purchasing a vehicle from your local area. You can purchase a car from anywhere in the country and have it transported directly to your desired location.


4. Get it delivered whenever you need it: With our car shipment services, you can schedule the delivery of your vehicle to fit your specific needs. Whether you need it delivered urgently or you are able to wait a few days, our flexible delivery options ensure that your car is delivered when you need it.